Ben (arkasis) wrote in wabi_sabi_life,


I thought it would be interesting to have a LJ community that invited us to explore the felt divide in our lives between what we aspire to, think we should be, and what we actually are. Why does this cause so much stress to our minds, and why do we put up with it? Also, what are the many ways this manifests? Maybe this might seem like a support group, and maybe it is a little bit  of one. 

For example, when we look at ourselves in a mirror at our favorite department store while trying on clothes, why do we feel like someone punched us in the gut? When we watch the lives of other people, like celebrities on TV or in magazines, why do we alternately hate them, envy them and feel sorry for them? 

In short, why are we obsessed with perfection, and if not the strict cultural definition of perfection, then we try to make our imperfection into perfection? 
Why do we need to be perfect? What would that mean, anyway?
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